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156. Election 2018 Cartogram

Here is a cartogram map of election returns for the 2018 midterm election in the House of Representatives. It shows districts won by Dems and Republicans, whether they flipped their party, whether they are men or woman, and if they flipped the seat, did they flip it from a man or woman. Also shows cultural diversities, such as Persons of Color, LGBTQ, recent immigrant family, or groundbreaking religions, like Muslims or Hindus. Changed 28 Nov 2018

155. Should we abolish the Electoral College?

Americans are almost evenly divided on whether we SHOULD. That means DOING it is extremely unlikely. Added 11 Feb 2018

154. Aesop: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Shepherd who cried “Wolf!” in Jest. Added 6 Feb 2018

153. Trash, Fake, Hoax News

How to avoid posting it on Facebook and other media. Added 3 Feb 2018

152. Media Bias Chart

A great tool to understand the relationship between media sources. Added 1 Feb 2018

151. 30+ Factors in Trump’s Electoral College Win

Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote by only 77,744 votes in 3 states. Any one or two of these factors going her way could have won it. Added 31 Jan 2018

150. Appoint Obama to Supreme Court?

While Barack Obama is qualified for the Supreme Court, there are much better things for him to do after his presidency. Changed 21 Jan 2018

149. Avoid Flame Wars

Use these A B and C fire extinguisher codes as cues to avoid flame wars. Changed 21 Jan 2018

148. Electoral Vote Landslides Since 1952

They show that candidates who appeal most to their base, tend to lose the election in a landslide. Changed 21 Jan 2018

147. We are not impressed

McKayla Maroney, after winning the silver medal for vault in the 2012 Olympics, poses with President Obama with her “not impressed” expression. Changed 24 Jan 2018

146. What Would President Mitt Romney Do?

If you thought in 2015 that there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans, then just imagine what a President Mitt Romney would have been doing. Changed 21 Jan 2018

145. Difference between Gomer and Gohmert

Folks have noticed similar appearance between Jim Nabors, who played Gomer Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show, and US Rep Louie Gohmert. The actual men are very different. Changed 21 Jan 2018

144. Beating a Dead Horse

Often well-meaning people waste a lot of time in discussions that have such little chance of positive result, that it wastes a lot of time. Changed 21 Jan 2018

143. The 9 P’s, Mike Huckabee and who else?

A meme with Mike Huckabee as a Pompous, Pious, Pitiful, Pulpit-Pounding Pseudo-Preacher Prognosticating Prejudice against women! Changed 21 Jan 2018

142. Celebrate Differences

Elisany de Cruz Silva is 6ft 8in tall, with her husband Francinaldo da Silva, who is 5ft 4in. If they can make it work, why not the rest of us? Changed 21 Jan 2018

141. Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook

A handbook of suggestions and warning for news consumers. Changed 21 Jan 2018


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