These articles have to do with specific people. Also see this page on Kamala Harris.

150. Appoint Obama to Supreme Court?

While Barack Obama is qualified for the Supreme Court, there are much better things for him to do after his presidency. Changed 21 Jan 2018

147. We are not impressed

McKayla Maroney, after winning the silver medal for vault in the 2012 Olympics, poses with President Obama with her “not impressed” expression. Changed 24 Jan 2018

146. What Would President Mitt Romney Do?

If you thought in 2015 that there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans, then just imagine what a President Mitt Romney would have been doing. Changed 21 Jan 2018

145. Difference between Gomer and Gohmert

Folks have noticed similar appearance between Jim Nabors, who played Gomer Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show, and US Rep Louie Gohmert. The actual men are very different. Changed 21 Jan 2018

143. The 9 P’s, Mike Huckabee and who else?

A meme with Mike Huckabee as a Pompous, Pious, Pitiful, Pulpit-Pounding Pseudo-Preacher Prognosticating Prejudice against women! Changed 21 Jan 2018

138. My Horrible Right Wing Past

Frank Shaeffer tells his story of being a right-wing religious icon. Changed 21 Jan 2018

136. Wizard of Oz, Conservative Party

A fun analogy of the Wizard of Oz characters and the Tea Party. Changed 22 Jan 2018

132. Accomplishments of President Obama

Nearly 500 of Obama’s accomplishments, with citations! Changed 22 Jan 2018

131. Never Teach a Pig to Sing — Heinlein

Heinlein’s great “Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing” comment. Changed 22 Jan 2018

130. Extraordinary Claims — Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan’s Extraordinary Claims standard. Changed 22 Jan 2018

127. Lincoln: Don’t believe everything on the Internet

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet — Lincoln Changed 26 Jan 2018

124. Krugman: Deluded Congress

A Paul Krugman article about when the government should spend, and when not. Changed 26 Jan 2018

109. Republicans Believe in the Rich

Short statement by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Changed 24 Jan 2018

108. RBG: Overrule Citizens United

One decision Ruth Bader Ginsburg would overrule, is Citizens United. Changed 24 Jan 2018

106. Chris Christie Vetoed

Chris Christie vetoed raising the minimum wage while giving $4 billion in tax cuts to corporations. Changed 25 Jan 2018


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