Lies, Truth, and Distraction

These articles relate to lies, truth, distractions, and “fake news”.

154. Aesop: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Shepherd who cried “Wolf!” in Jest. Added 6 Feb 2018

153. Trash, Fake, Hoax News

How to avoid posting it on Facebook and other media. Added 3 Feb 2018

152. Media Bias Chart

A great tool to understand the relationship between media sources. Added 1 Feb 2018

141. Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook

A handbook of suggestions and warning for news consumers. Changed 21 Jan 2018

139. Liar’s pants don’t actually catch on fire

Sylvester is disappointed when a liar’s pants don’t actually catch fire. Changed 24 Jan 2018

137. Religion and the Constitution

6 lies that Republicans tell about Religion and the Constitution. Changed 21 Jan 2018

135. So, Republicans are livid?

They were livid yesterday. They’ll be livid tomorrow. It’s their whole agenda. Changed 22 Jan 2018

129. Responsible Posters Verify Their Sources

Great ideas for responsible posting. Changed 22 Jan 2018

123. Satire News Scam

There are scam “satire” websites, that troll for ad clicks. Changed 24 Jan 2018

121. No, Romney Didn’t Call Obama Uppity

Shows how bad articles, even about bad people, can lose us respect. Changed 24 Jan 2018


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