Elections and Civics

These articles are about civics and elections in general.

156. US House 2018 Election Cartogram

This shows results of the 2018 House election, parties/genders/diversity. Changed 28 Nov 2018

155. Should we abolish the Electoral College?

Americans are almost evenly divided on whether we SHOULD. That means DOING it is extremely unlikely. Added 11 Feb 2018

151. 30+ Factors in Trump’s Electoral College Win

Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote by only 77,744 votes in 3 states. Any one or two of these factors going her way could have won it. Added 31 Jan 2018

148. Electoral Vote Landslides Since 1952

They show that candidates who appeal most to their base, tend to lose the election in a landslide. Changed 21 Jan 2018

120. GOP Plan to Rig 2016 Presidential Election

GOP plan to rig the elections in 2016. Changed 24 Jan 2018

118. The missing story of the 2014 election

Interesting story about how 2014 midterms all but insure Dem victory in 2016. Didn’t work out so well. Changed 24 Jan 2018

116. Both parties are definitely not the same

Actions showing the parties are not the same. Changed 24 Jan 2018

114. The 2014 Midterm Elections: A Perfect Storm

The “Perfect Storm” of factors leading to Dem losses in 2014. Changed 24 Jan 2018

113. Citizens United President Brags about Midterms

How GOP used key SCOTUS rulings to win in 2014. Changed 24 Jan 2018

111. Think your vote doesn’t matter?

Why your vote matters. Changed 24 Jan 2018

110. Bitchin’ Rights

If you don’t vote, you lose the right to bitch about the idiot who wins. Changed 24 Jan 2018

107. 1956 Republican Platform

A look at how extreme today’s GOP has become. Changed 24 Jan 2018


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