156. Election 2018 Cartogram

Because Republicans tend to win states with larger area and lower population, a map of election returns looks much too red, and is misleading. We saw a cartogram of the 2018 House election, and thought it would be great if we added data on gender and diversity.

This map shows the US House districts, whether the winner is a Democrat or Republican, identifies as female or male, whether the seat “flipped” in party or in gender, and whether the member in the 116th Congress will represent a cultural diversity, such as a Person of Color, LGBTQ, or religion (we have women who are Muslim and one who is Hindu).

There are still a few seats that have not yet been called, but it was definitely a Blue Wave. We will add updates or changes as we find out about them.

If you are using a desktop or laptop, and you mouse over an icon, you should see the district, name, and other information. And if you cannot see the whole map, there should be scroll bars on the right and/or on the bottom.

On a phone or tablet, you can drag the chart around to see all of it. If you press and hold on an icon, you should see the additional information.

Note that as of the 28th of November 2018, 54% of the 116th House will be Democrats, and 46% Republicans. Of the 235 Democrats, 37% are women, 63% men. Of the 200 Republicans, only 6% are women, while 94% are men.

Thanks to Robert Allison for the basic idea and format, and most of the initial data for this cartogram. The method of presenting the data is very different.


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