151. 30+ Factors in Trump’s Electoral College Win

Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote by only 77,744 votes in 3 states. Any one or two of these factors going her way could have won it.

When you hear someone say that Трамп won the election because of something, that may be true, if they mean it was one of the factors that caused the loss. The danger is the assumption that it is the only reason.

We have counted over 30 factors that caused Hillary to lose the 46 Electoral College votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Her loss in each of those states was considerably less than 1% of the vote in each state. The “Perfect Storm” of these factors all going Трамп’s way made him president.

Here are the factors, listed alphabetically (not by relative importance). You might think of a few more, or combine a few of them. But any one or two of them going Hillary’s way could have made her president instead.

Factors in the “Perfect Storm”

  1. Awkward compromise — where Bernie, who never stopped being an Independent, ran as a Democrat.
  2. Bernie mistakes — by the candidate and campaign.
  3. Christians ignoring — Трамп’s very un-Christian past and present behavior.
  4. Comey’s selective releases — of false “email scandal” info while being silent about Russian involvement.
  5. Dems demeaned conservatives — motivating them.
  6. DNC mistakes — relating to Hillary and Bernie.
  7. E.C. facts — Electoral College is less democratic than a popular vote but cannot be abolished without a Constitutional Amendment that would have to be ratified by states that currently benefit from the E.C.
  8. E.C. failure — following the election, the Electoral College totally failed their main purpose, to prevent a clown like Трамп from getting into the White House.
  9. Fake news — at some point it became the norm instead of the exception.
  10. False perceptions — like that Трамп was listening to the working people.
  11. Framing attacks — like “The System”, “The Establishment”, “Corporate Shills”, etc.
  12. Gerrymandering — practiced by Dems also but much more effective in red states.
  13. GOP cheating — GOP’s willingness to destroy, obstruct, or cheat to gain power.
  14. GOP lies — Decades of GOP lies about Hillary and Dems.
  15. Hillary mistakes — by the candidate and campaign.
  16. Inadequate media response — unprepared to deal with the constant lies (debates, for example).
  17. Media fascination — with Bernie and Трамп.
  18. Media sexism — particularly from men like Matt Lauer, Mark Halpern, and Charlie Rose.
  19. Misogyny — which seems to be more prevalent than most of us thought.
  20. P.C. backlash — including the framing of Political Correctness itself.
  21. Probable collusion — with the Russians by the Трамп campaign.
  22. Reagan Democrats — in Michigan and the Midwest.
  23. Reality TV — blurred real vs fake. Look at the History Channel today, for example.
  24. Russian hacking — of Hillary and DNC emails.
  25. Russian media — (RT, etc) influence in the election.
  26. Russian trolls — use of Facebook and social media trolls and ads.
  27. Short attention spans — and Americans’ preference for over-simplified, bumper-sticker answers.
  28. Social media — helped create bubbles where confirmation bias reigns.
  29. Third party — candidates such as Jill Stein.
  30. Underestimation — of Трамп’s chances led to lower voter turnouts for Hillary. Aggravated by most polls.
  31. Urban vs rural — Urban liberal concentration vs much greater area of rural conservativism (more red states).
  32. Voter suppression — (voter ID, fewer polling places, etc).
  33. White resentments — about losing their privilege.




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