132. Accomplishments of President Obama

Nearly 500 of Obama’s accomplishments, with citations!

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Updated! A List of Nearly 500 President Obama’s Accomplishments so far… With citations!

Great list of nearly 500 Barack Obama accomplishments, current as of 2018. The accomplishments in each category are accompanied by links to supporting evidence.


  • Returned the Executive Branch to fiscal responsibility
  • Prevented a Bush depression and improved the economy
  • Brought much-improved transparency and better government
  • Wall Street reforms and consumer protection
  • Enhanced civil rights and anti-discrimination
  • Major improvements in foreign relations, American status around the world
  • A more realistic approach to "Defense" and national security
  • Returned Government to treating soldiers and veterans with dignity and respect
  • Refocused the Federal Government on education, made rational reforms
  • An adult view on science, technology and health care
  • Strengthened the Middle Class and families, fought poverty
  • Concrete steps to improve the environment and address our energy needs
  • But that’s not all …

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