123. Satire News Scam

There are scam “satire” websites, that troll for ad clicks.

Source: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/118013/satire-news-websites-are-cashing-gullible-outraged-readers

Short URL: http://j.mp/1FxrRvj (NewRepublic.com)

Emmett Rensin posted a great article in NewRepublic.com on 5 June 2014. Many are familiar with the satire website The Onion, which presents great satire. This has prompted competitors, of course, but also a whole different breed of website. These are not intended to entertain, but to outrage. This gets them posted everywhere, by gullible readers who want to believe something is true. Viewers click on the links to the site, which of course includes ads, and the website profits.

The linked article includes examples and names some of the worst offenders.

— Changed 24 Jan 2018


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