119. Aldous Huxley 1958 Mind Manipulation

Aldous Huxley on government, oligarchy, and mind-manipulation.

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A very prophetic (1958) quote from Aldous Huxley:

Under the relentless thrust of accelerating over­population and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms — elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest — will remain.

The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial — but democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit.

Source (Brave New World Revisited, 1958): http://huxley.net/bnw-revisited/#what

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