113. Citizens United President Brags about Midterms

How GOP used key SCOTUS rulings to win in 2014.

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How GOP used key SCOTUS rulings to win in 2014.

How did the GOP steal the 2014 midterm elections?

the GOP used key rulings by the Supreme Court’s Fascist Five Republicans:

  1. Gutting of Campaign Finance Laws, which legalized bribery and the purchase of elected officials; and
  2. Gutting of the Voting Rights Act, which allowed extreme Republican voter supression.

This allowed the richer party, the GOP, to buy the elections and prevented the poorer party, the Democrats, from having enough votes to stop them.

SCOTUS: the oligarch’s partners in crime. Unelected, unaccountable, lifetime appointees.

Source: http://ringoffireradio.com/2014/11/citizens-united-president-brags-that-supreme-court-handed-midterms-over

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